Worcester Tutoring

Top Grade Tutoring offers a quality Maths tutoring service for 11 to 16 in the Worcester area of the UK. Specifically we offer tuition in the central areas of Worcester and immediate surrounding areas. Unlike many tuition services we come directly to your house or can offer tuition over the Internet. Our tutors are of the highest calibre and in accordance with the protection of children act 1999 are CRB checked and can provide up to 3 references.

What are the benefits of having a Tutor?

Typically students will learn a lot faster on a one to one basis compared to that of a classroom environment. Distractions in a classroom environment such as disruptive behaviour can make learning difficult. Students who receive tutoring from us can on average expect to learn up to 3 times the amount of content compared to that of a classroom environment. With dedicated one to one support students can have concepts explained to them clearly and professionally without having to compete for the attention of a teacher at school. Students who have a private tutor often perform far better in examinations than those who do not. Our Tutors help prepare students for exams by giving them the opportunity to try past examination papers as well as practice as many questions as possible from a variety of text books.

Confidence is the Key to success in Maths

Lets face it Maths isn’t everybody’s favourite subject and many learners struggle with the subject and have little confidence in their own ability. We here at Top Grade Tutoring believe in instilling confidence in all of our students, we don’t believe in using outdated teaching methods that don’t work and that leave students feeling demotivated and frustrated. The ethos of Top Grade Tutoring is to make learning an enjoyable experience, where concepts are explained clearly in a way that the learner would want them to be explained. Having a tutor really does add up!

Home tutoring costs less than you think!

Getting quality home Maths Tutoring costs less than you might expect. Prices start at Just £25 an hour for online KS3 tutoring and £30 for online KS4. With block booking discounts available there are even more ways to save. Included in the fees are notes and past exam papers. Please note that the first lesson is completely free with absolutely no obligation to continue! Contact us today to find out how you can save money and get a quality tutor for your child!