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What People Are Saying

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"Steven B is a great tutor, and made my lesson with him good fun and genuinely enjoyable! He was friendly, easy going and really keen to help me! I would highly recommend Steven to anyone looking for tutor and look forward to more lessons with him in the future!"
Ray Grooves
"In the build-up to my GCSE’s I was aware I wasn’t getting the maths help I needed at school. Consequently, I started seeing Steven for one-to-one maths tuition. Steven has a very good maths knowledge and was good at explaining things to me in a way I understood and remembered.

In the end, I got an A in my maths GCSE which set the foundation for my career in engineering. I am grateful to Steven for his help during that important time in my education."
John Hale
"Steven, you were incredible. You helped me with algebra, and I couldn’t have done it without you. I’m now a Y6 Teaching Assistant and always go on about how I was so lucky to have a Tutor as amazing as you"
Tara Wooley
Steven tutored me as a teen doing GCSE’s and he is now tutoring me again as an adult. I came back to him because I know he will get me the results I need now, (in order to gain access to a Higher Education course prior to uni) like he did almost 10yrs ago! I can’t list Stevens qualities/pros/values/attributes because the list wouldn’t end – however I will tell you a few! Approachable, patient and committed spring to mind. Not to mention how compassionate he is, he wants you to get the grades just as much as you do and I am living, breathing proof he can help you succeed.

At the risk of sounding corny, numbers to me are like a puzzle with pieces that don’t match, but my lessons with Steve (then and now) make me realise – the puzzle does match, and I can (without googling it) figure it out. His teaching ability is to second to none, and should I need tutition in another 10years then I will always come back to Steven. If you need a tutor, he is THE guy.
Elloise Craig
"Really good teacher and I understand everything much better already. Everything is covered in depth and in order which helps a lot with understanding things."
Molly Brenwald